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Do's & Don'ts Template Builder Animations

We’re happy you chose the Storyteq Template Builder for your display ads production!

In order for us to successfully convert and personalize your banner/image/video projects, it will have to meet some requirements. Below you will find information on possibilities and limitations of Template Builder when it comes to animations. 

1. Animations: Template Builder possibilities

In the Template Builder it is possible to animate texts, images and shapes. By combining different types of animations you can create beautiful eye-catching banner/video/image templates.
The following animations are offered by Template Builder:

Intro & Outro

  • Fade in

  • Scale

  • Rotate

  • Slide

Middle animations

  • Bounce

  • Heartbeat

  • Blink

  • Pulsate

  • Shake

  • It is possible to have multiple animations at the same time (e.g. Fade In, Scale and Rotate for Intro + Blink and Pulsate for Middle animations + Fade out and Slide for Outro).

  • Both Intro and Outro animations can have the easing option with the choice between Linear, Ease Out cubic and Ease In cubic. 

  • If you’re creating a banner template, it’s not possible to add videos or GIFs there. However, if you want to have an object moving as in on a GIF, you can add the sequence of JPEGs/PNGs. In this case, you should have multiple images per frame. By putting each frame on the canvas one after another and making the duration of the layers short, you will get a nice animation of the object moving.

2. Template Builder animations: DON’TS

  • Blurry motion movement is not possible in Template Builder. Alternatively, you can use Slide + Fade In/Out animations. To make the object move faster, you should increase the distance and decrease the duration of the Slide animation.

  • It is not possible to control the starting time of the Intro or Outro animations. Although, it is possible to control the duration. It doesn’t apply to Middle animations - there you can choose both the starting and the ending time of the animation.

  • Template Builder doesn’t support any kind of 3D animations. However, there’re might be some workarounds to make the Template Builder animations look as close as possible to the original ones.

Overall, despite some limitations, Template Builder is capable of producing great output. If you want any particular animations that, for some reason, look too complicated for Template Builder - send us an example and together we surely will come up with some workarounds to recreate it as close as possible to the original!

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