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Do's & Don'ts Template Builder Design

We’re happy you chose the Storyteq Template Builder for your display ads production!

In order for us to successfully convert and personalize your banner/image/video projects, it will have to meet some requirements. Below you will find our advise on how to create designs that will allow us (or you) to perfectly recreate them in Template Builder.

1. Text

As a small reminder, here are the Template Builder possibilities for text:

  • Custom font

  • Text Color (including gradient)

  • Text Background Color

  • Stroke

  • Shadow

Text DO’S & DON'TS while designing for Template Builder (if the text is dynamic):

  • One text field should be 1 color, 1 font, 1 font size only.
    In the Template Builder it’s impossible to have each word in different color and/or font, unless each word is a separate text field and has the same number of characters (otherwise the font size will scale down). It’s possible to have a pink title in Open sans font and a blue subtitle in Overlock font.

    It won’t be possible to have the title’s word “Hello” in a green color when it’s still a part of a dynamic text field. However, it is possible to create an enum parameter with multiple values in order to switch between text options. For instance, as you can see on the example below, two text fields (“hello” and “this is…”) are connected to one parameter called “Text” with three values (green, pink and blue). The color of the word “Hello” is changing color accordingly to the chosen option, while “this is…” is changing its contents. This could be a workaround, however we don’t advise it since there’s a high possibility of the text scaling if there’s a big difference between number of characters in different text options. So the solution here would be to have 1 color, 1 font and 1 font size per each text field.

It is possible to have differently colored text (or using multiple fonts, font sizes for one piece of text), if the text is not open.

  • Text color cannot be transparent.
    In Template Builder it’s not possible to have a cut-out dynamic text in order to see the background image/video behind it. We can use matching text colors or gradients instead.

  • Please, make sure to deliver a .ttf/.wof custom font with the files if needed.

2. Images

Images DO’S & DONT’S while designing for TB:

  • The files should be delivered preferably in PSD or AI formats.

  • Make sure to have all assets in high-resolution, especially logos and other graphic elements.

  • Make sure to have all assets as separate layers.

  • Make sure to name the assets and/or scenes accordingly (e.g. Scene 1; Background 1; Company Logo White, etc).

  • Images cannot be cropped in Template Builder, that’s why them being already pre-cropped per size in the PSD/AI document saves us a lot of time during the process of extracting assets.

  • If the images will be dynamic in TB in a form of an enum parameter, make sure the needed images are pre-cropped in a same format and size. In this case we will avoid wrong placement of the images.

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