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E-mail optimization

Storyteq always strives to get the best out of a moment of contact. In an e-mail flow, there are a number of elements that can be tweaked to optimize it.

  1. Delivery
    Optimizing that your e-mail ends up in the inbox of the intended recipients.

  2. Open rate
    Optimizing the subject line to maximize reach.

  3. Clicks
    Optimizing the email content and design.

  4. Conversions
    Optimizing the landing page content and design (this is discussed in a separate article).

1. Optimizing Delivery

What can you do to ensure that your e-mail ends up in the inbox of the intended recipients? Below we give you some tips.

  • Provide a pure subject line
    It is important that your subject line attracts the attention of the recipient, but of course, you don't want to attract the attention of the spam filter. Therefore, avoid unnecessary use of capital letters and punctuation marks.

  • Keep your content relevant
    The mailbox provider looks at the behavior of your customer in response to your e-mail. Activities such as opening the e-mail, forwarding and saving are seen as positive. Behind every receiver is a person, a person who has his own interests. If your e-mail no longer has this person's interest, it will remain unread in the mailbox. The recipient may eventually opt-out or submit a spam complaint to the mailbox provider. Such actions inform the mailbox provider that your e-mail is not relevant or even undesirable. Next time, the spam filter will monitor or filter your emails more closely the next time.

  • Set up your unsubscribe process properly
    Make sure you set up your unsubscribe process in such a way that the customer can segment or unsubscribe per e-mail type. For example, a customer does not have to unsubscribe fully, but only receives relevant e-mails for him. When a recipient is no longer interested, you can see this as an opportunity. Place the unsubscribe link at the top of the email and ask why the recipient unsubscribes on the unsubscribe page. Keep it simple with some logical options and one optional input field for entering a different answer.

  • Consider the size of emails
    To prevent the user's inbox from filling up, many email clients block emails that are too heavy. So don't make your e-mails too heavy.

2. Optimizing Open Rates

The subject line is the first moment in an email flow where you come into contact with your recipients. This is, therefore, a very important step. There's a lot to gain by optimizing subject lines as it widens the top of the funnel. We've got two tips for you:

  1. Read our article on how to Create Effective E-mail Templates. And make sure your e-mail template upholds the learnings we give there.

  2. Test which subject line and/or moment of sending works best. By testing you can optimize the relevance, timing and content of your e-mails, which in turn leads to higher interaction (opens, clicks, etc.). When testing, you can use free tools such as EmailAnalyzer ( ) to test the quality of the e-mail and Litmus ( ) to check how your e-mail is displayed in various e-mails. 

3. Optimizing Clicks

The e-mail template is the next important step to get the recipient on the landing page. After all, the choice to play the video is made in the e-mail template.

  • Optimize the structure and design of the email template. Read our article on how to Create Effective E-mail Templates. And make sure your e-mail template upholds the learnings we give there.

  • Test your email. Make different versions of the email template (A/B tests) to test which works best. Read our article about A / B testing. 

  • Make sure the personalized image or gif is effective 'clickbait'. Read our article about creating great gifs

Curious about delivery, bounce, open and click rates in the Netherlands? Or a specific industry? Or curious about the best shipping day and time? Download the Dutch E-mail Benchmark.

Additional research information can be found in the National E-mail Survey (Spotler)

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