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Get the most out of Personalization

Here you can read all about to optimize the use of dynamic elements within a video. We share four learnings you should keep in mind when creating a dynamic video. Below, dynamic elements are referred to as personalization.

1. Quick personalization

Do you have an important message? Bring it immediately. The first three seconds make or break the success of a video. So integrate compelling images and cool content in the first seconds. Make for an explosive and impressive intro, because your video has to fight against countless others. The beginning should attract attention - which personalization does - pack the viewer with a strong message or beautiful images and immediately make clear what it is about. If you're going to talk about a bear, bring on the bear.

2. Spread the personalization

Make sure you spread the moments of personalization moments across your film, as this works favorably for the drop-off rate. You keep the viewer curious, alert and the message relevant. The chance that someone will drop out during the video will be considerably smaller.

3. Use available data to maximize relevancy

Use the available data to make the message really relevant for the recipient. Do you have someone's place of residence? Then you can animate it on a sign in the background, but you can also show the nearest store where the viewer can go. The latter is way more relevant, whereas the first is more gimmicky.

Try to stay away from the 1-on-1 display of available data and make sure you get to a deeper level while concepting. Ask yourself: how can I really relevant for the viewer based on this data? Can I adjust visuals, audio, scenes, image or subtitles to be extra relevant?

4. Variable outcomes

Within some campaign flows, or a contact moment in a customer journey, shareability is an important objective. Do you want someone to create their own personal video? And share it to create extra reach, brand awareness or leads? Then make sure you have a variable component in the dynamic video so that the video is always different. Maybe the storyline differs per viewer. Variable outcomes ensure optimal curiosity which is a strong trigger to take action. You want to create a craving because predictability does not create desire.

Nir Eyal gives a great example in his book 'Hooked'. Opening your fridge is something you do when it’s necessary, but imagine “a different treat magically appears in your fridge every time you open it - and voila, intrigue is created." Research shows that levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine surge when the brain is expecting a reward. Introducing variability multiplies this effect by creating a focused state.

In short: enough reason to add variability if you want people to create or share their own video.

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