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Implementing Google Tag Manager on your Storyteq landing page

Congrats on your brand new landing page & Storyteq project! This article tells you the needed steps to implement the data-management tools you need.

After you received the landing page URL to use in your campaign and you want to implement Google Tag Manager, the following steps apply:

  1. If you don’t have one yet, make a Google Tag Manager account. Follow the steps for Google Tag Manager;

  2. Create a GTM Container and let us know the Container-ID (Example: GTM-ABC1DEF). Storyteq uses that Container-ID to load Google Tag Manager in the landing page;

  3. Congrats! You can now set up everything you want to measure within GTM. You can link it to your Google Analytics, load pieces of Javascript, Hotjar, etc. Data-measurement wise you can go wild here without needing us to implement anything.

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