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Landing page optimization

In this article, we’ll elaborate a bit more on how a personalized video can be played on your landing page and give you some tips & tricks on how to design your landing page.

1. Use the Storyteq video player

The Storyteq video player makes it easy to show the generated video and data from the video on the landing page. The video player also collects analytics that are then visible in the Storyteq platform.

The player uses the unique hash generated with each video. Via this hash the video player retrieves and shows the corresponding video. Further explanation is all described in the link above.

2. Tips & tricks for a landing page design

A personal video landing page typically consists of the following:

  • Personalized header

  • Personalized video

  • The call to action

  • Other page content

A personalized header is placed at the top of the landing page. This can for example be a personal welcome greeting to the visitor. The required name or other data can be retrieved from the hash, when applicable. For instance: "Welcome Eric, watch your personal video now!".

An important factor in the design of the page is to show all crucial content above the 'fold' (the line that distinguishes between what is visible without scrolling and what is not visible in the visitor's browser).

We recommend that at least the personal header, the personalized video, and the main call to action are visible above the fold. To keep this content above the fold, we recommend displaying the personalized video at approximately ⅔ of the width of the page. You then have ⅓ of the space left for some additional content and the call to action (conversion).

3. Examples

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