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Service Level Agreement

4th October 2022

We understand that service interruptions of our platform can have an effect on your customer contact and your business. We’ve set a high bar for service uptime because we believe that you should be able to depend on Storyteq to add value to your company.

1. The Basics

  • We guarantee a 99.5% monthly uptime.

  • We’ve designed our SLA to be simple and transparent.

  • If we fall short of our 99.5% uptime guarantee, we’ll refund customers the monthly license fee of the month in which we fall short.

2. The Details

Service Level Agreements can be chock-full of terminology that is difficult to decipher. We’d like to take the opportunity to explain, in real words, what the details of our SLA are:

3. Downtime

To fairly assess the overall magnitude of downtime for everyone using Storyteq, “Downtime” is based on two factors: 1) the number of minutes Storyteq was unavailable, and 2) the percentage of Storyteq customers that were affected.

We use server monitoring software to monitor when Storyteq is down — specifically, measuring the server-side error rate, looking at results from ping tests, web server tests, TCP port tests, and website tests.

At the end of each month, every individual downtime is added together to give us the entire month’s “Downtime Period.”

Calculating downtime can be a complicated exercise, so we aim to keep it as simple and transparent as possible by tying our SLA guarantee to a single monthly uptime number. Downtime doesn’t affect everyone at the same time or in the same way. Storyteq could be experiencing an outage, but your campaign or application may be completely unaffected, and vice versa.

Here are some scenarios that will not be counted towards downtime:

  • Slowness with specific features (such as render time, page load time, etc.)

  • Issues related to external apps or caused by third parties specific to your Storyteq usage.

  • Delays with API calls or form submits.

  • Network problems external to our systems which are beyond our control, such as bad routing tables between your ISP and our servers.

  • “Scheduled Downtime” to complete maintenance.

4. Uptime

“Monthly Uptime” is the percentage of total possible minutes Storyteq was available to you. To calculate this, we subtract the number of downtime minutes from the total possible minutes in a given month.

5. Scheduled Downtime

Occasionally, we need to perform maintenance to keep Storyteq working as smoothly as possible. If scheduled downtime is necessary, we’ll give you 48 hours advance notice. In a calendar year, there will not be more than 10 hours of scheduled downtime.

6. Service Credit

If we miss our 99.5% uptime guarantee, we’ll refund you the monthly fee of the particular month that Storyteq was down to you according to the above-mentioned terms.

7. A Note About Performance Issues

Storyteq’s SLA excludes performance issues:

  • Caused by factors outside Storyteq’s reasonable control

  • That resulted from any actions or inactions of you or any third party

  • That resulted from your equipment and/or third-party equipment (not within the primary control of Storyteq)

  • Arising from our suspension and termination of your right to use Storyteq in accordance with the Storyteq Terms of Service

That being said, happy customers are our main priority. So if you are experiencing any performance issues, do let us know, so we can resolve them ASAP.

8. Security Issues

Security issues are a different beast altogether. We try our utmost to protect our systems and your data. More about our data policy can be found here. Whenever there is a security issue, we’ll notify you as soon as possible but in any case within 24 working hours after we found the issue. We’ll tell you what happened and what we’ve done to mediate the issue and/or going to do. We’ll also give a classification to the issue, namely:

  • Priority 1: High Security / Vulnerability risks, e.g. software vulnerabilities that have been discovered and exploited or published, unauthorized breaches of (part of) the system containing core functionality or access to data, unauthorized access to personal data

  • Priority 2: Medium Security / Vulnerability risks, e.g. software vulnerabilities that have been discovered and attempted to be exploited, unauthorized breaches of non-core parts of the system

  • Priority 3: Low Security / Vulnerability risk, e.g. access of known users to data beyond their permissions

Per classification, our response time to the issue is:
Prio 1: asap but not longer than 2 hours, Prio 2: asap but no longer than 4 hours, Prio 3: asap but not longer than 8 hours (note: 09:00-23:00 CET)

The recovery time is:

  • Priority 1: asap but not longer than 2 hours

  • Priority 2: asap but no longer than 4 hours

  • Priority 3: asap but not longer than 12 hours

Note: our operating hours are 09:00-23:00 CET

The recovery point objective is always the nearest point of a full working un-breached version of the system which contains the most recent data. We run incremental backups 6x per day and full backups 1x per day.

If you have any additional agreements with us as part of your Agreement with us, we’ll adhere to those additional agreements in addition to the above-mentioned actions

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