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Setting Up Single Sign-On (SSO)

At Storyteq, we understand that efficient and secure access to your tools is crucial for productivity. That’s why we offer Single Sign-On (SSO) integration to streamline your login process. With SSO, your team can access Storyteq using their existing company credentials, reducing password fatigue and enhancing security.

How to Set Up SSO for Your Company

We use WorkOS to facilitate Single Sign-on connections to our platform. WorkOS supports a wide range of identity providers and protocols based on SAML and Open ID. If you would like to know more about WorkOS and the types of SSO we support check the following documentation:

Step 1: Setting Up Your Company on Our Side

To kick off the process, we need some information from you:

  • Your Company Domain: We’ll use your company’s domain to set up your SSO configuration. This ensures that your team members bypass the regular Storyteq login flow and are directed to your SSO provider instead.

Once we have this information, we’ll handle the initial setup on our end.

Step 2: Completing the Configuration on Your Side

After we've set up your company, we’ll send you a custom link to complete the configuration. This link will guide your IT administrator into the remaining steps.

  • The link will walk you through the necessary steps to complete the configuration. We support over 50 different SSO providers. Below are the most used integrations; select yours or view the complete list here.

These are some of the many third-party services WorkOS supports:

The full list of available and supported third-party services can be found here.

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