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Good Citizen AI Terms

11th August 2023

StoryTeq is committed to promoting the responsible use and development of AI Products. Please join us in being a good citizen when using AI Products and don’t use them to create any harmful or cruel content. We really mean it though - we will not allow any use of AI Products that violates these terms or StoryTeq’s terms of service (, and we may, in our sole discretion, suspend or terminate your account if we find that you are using it in this way.

In addition to the matters listed in StoryTeq’s terms of service, it is prohibited to use AI Products to:

  • Mislead anyone that the content generated by AI Products is human-generated – best practice is to make clear that the content is generated by AI;

  • Provide medical advice or any content regarding the treatment, prevention, diagnosis or transmission of diseases;

  • Provide legal or financial advice;

  • Generate nudity, obscene, pornographic or shocking content including obscene or offensive gestures, bodily fluids, violence or other profane subjects;

  • Intentionally promote or propagate discriminatory content or harmful stereotypes, particularly where in contravention of applicable laws in respect of equalities and human rights;

  • Impersonate individuals without their consent;

  • Intentionally or negligently generate misinformation or disinformation;

  • Generate contracts or legally binding obligations;

  • Generate political content including for dissemination in electoral campaigns;

  • Generate source code;

  • Generate spam, ransomware, keyloggers, viruses or other software;

  • Generate or disseminate information to be used for the administration of justice or other legal purposes;

  • Implement fully-automated decision making.

  • Generate content which infringes on the intellectual property rights of another;

  • Sharing or using content in violation of such content’s terms of use and proprietary rights.

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